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Eggs Hatch! Complete Reproduction Cycle of Hermetia Illucens Achieved in Captivity

(Bogotá, Colombia)—Humans may require music by Marvin Gay or scented candles, Black Soldier Flies require humidity and temperature to be just right to mate and lay eggs—and especially for those eggs to hatch.  After a few months of work, BioSystems Design nailed all the right conditions and had its first eggs of a contained reproductive cycle hatch this week.

Despite a few articles on the subject, the hatchings were not a forgone conclusion. Continue reading ‘Eggs Hatch! Complete Reproduction Cycle of Hermetia Illucens Achieved in Captivity’


BSD Prepares to Test Soldier Fly Mating Facility

29 August 2008

(Bogotá, Colombia) – after two months of construction, BioSystems Design LLC has completed its Black Soldier Fly Mating Facility. The completion of the mating facility marks the end of the second construction phase on the larvae-meal production plant. The mating facility will provide the optimum conditions for the black soldier fly larvae to mate and lay eggs.

BioSystems Design’s primary goals with the plant are to produce larvae-meal and process food wastes. However, not all larvae can be processed into larvae-meal. It is necessary to allow some percentage of the larvae produced to mature into flies and reproduce. This maintains large populations in the plant while larvae are being harvested. The mating facility permits BioSystems Design to observe the mating populations and egg production and provide the optimum conditions for reproduction.

This achievement by BioSystems Design puts it another step closer to operating its prototype design for a large food waste processing and larvae-meal production plant.

BSD Hires Four Researchers to Analyze Larvae Production Process, Establishes R&D Program

25 June 2008

(Bogotá, Colombia) – One month after signing a five-year Research & Development Agreement with the Agronomy Department of the National University of Colombia, BioSystems Design, LLC. has hired four environmental researchers to analyze details and specifications of the larvae production process as part of the newly established Research & Development Program of the company.

BioSystems Design, LLC has the privilege of working with researchers in Colombia to investigate the industrial production process for larvae-meal. Each will have access to a variety of research laboratories essential to the study and perfection of the larvae-meal production process. Aspects to be studied include the elimination of pathogens, characterization of liquid and solid wastes from the process, along with advanced techniques to degrade organic matter for their assimilation by mature larvae, to be later treated as larvae-meal animal feed. The researchers have begun work on their assigned studies with results expected October 2008.

Initiating this agreement is the new Research & Development Program, formulated by BioSystems Design, LLC., to prepare a business plan that calls for the construction of a large-scale facility to fabricate larvae-meal from organic waste, for use as an insect-based animal feed. for more information on the work of BioSystems Design, LLC visit our website at or contact Ryan Mykita at:

ryan (dot) mykita (at) hotmail (dot) com

BioSystems Signs 5 year Contract With Universidad Nacional

So despite unrelated student strikes, and four months of navigating bureaucratic rapids and simply waiting in frustration, we’re signed and confirmed baby! The press release is below. More updates to follow as we get the greenhouse up and begin research with our recently interviewed interns. There’s a lot of back-story to put up on our newly created blog, but look for that in the next few weeks.

27 May 2008


(Bogotá, Colombia) – A five-year Research & Development Agreement with the Agronomy Department of the National University of Colombia was signed this week by Grant Canary, CEO & Founder of BioSystems Design, LLC.

In signing this agreement, BioSystems Design, LLC has the privilege of working with the finest researchers in Colombia to design an industrial production process for larvae-meal. The agreement gives BioSystems private greenhouse space to operate the recently imported Bio Pods from ESR International, as well as access to a variety of research laboratories essential to the study and perfection of the industrial larvae-meal production process. BioSystems will be working with dozens of agronomists, engineers, and biologists from the National University of Colombia, who will assist with key aspects of the research.

Coinciding with this agreement is the completion of the first BioSystems Design research report on the industrial larvae-meal production process, designed and developed at the prestigious Colombian private university, Universidad de La Salle. In this study, BioSystems Design, LLC researchers have compared larvae feeding substrates and feeding conditions for optimal growth. Further study is being developed at the University to understand the growth response of the larvae to varying nutrient levels in organic substrates. Published documents can be read at

With the successful completion of the first research report and the signing of this important agreement done, BioSystems Design, LLC is immediately looking forward to designing an expanded, second stage of research study. These studies will commence June 1, 2008 with results expected November 2008. Please see for more information on the work of BioSystems Design, LLC.

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